Who we are

Gulu Health is the Health Department of the Anglican Church of Northern Uganda. Our 10 health centers serve a diverse range of communities,  and are spread over a wide area. It takes 4 hours to drive between our two most distant health centers. Our smallest village health centers are run by only 2 nurses out of a couple of rooms, while our larger centers have up to 8 staff, and have a range of services including laboratories, maternity wards and inpatient wards. 


Our biggest strength may be the quality of care we provide. At the end of the day, what matters most is that the right diagnosis is made, and the right, lifesaving treatment is given to the patient. All of our clinical staff are trained in a custom made guidelines book, which reflects the latest World Health Organisation recommendations. Every two months our health centers are reviewed and together with our staff we find new ways to improve the quality of care we give.


Our 10 facilities range between local sustainability of 50% to 100%, and are mostly funded through low patient fees and government public health grants. We achieve this through good prescription practises, tight financial accountability and low administration costs. Over 80% of our cost is paying staff and buying medications - the core, frontline work of our health centers. = Some of our health centers deep in the village will never be sustainable through patient fees alone and we wouldn't want them to be, as if fees were raised we would exclude the poorest people. Infrastructure such as buildings will always be paid for by donor funds as it is not realistic at this stage of development in Northern Uganda for the community to pay.