Why should I give money to Gulu Health?
Our health centers provide high quality care to the rural poor, often when no other healthcare is available. Helping our health centers thrive and grow is an efficient and effective way to stimulate recovery in Northern Uganda.

How much of my donation will go to the health centers?
95% of your donation will go directly to the initiative you selected. The other 5% is used for in-country administration in Uganda. All non-Ugandans involved are volunteers and we spend no money on out of country administration.

Is there any way to volunteer with you?
We are always on the lookout for keen, qualified volunteers to work with us. We’re especially in need of nurses, pharmacists. If you’re at all interested, flick us an e-mail to start the conversation.

Our church/school/business would like to help you fundraise. Can we help?
That would be great! E-mail us and we can share ideas.

How do I know the money gets there?
The health centers are managed by the Anglican Church of Uganda, which provides oversight for all the health centers. Health center bank accounts get independent external audits to ensure money is being used properly.

Can I donate from anywhere in the world?
Yes, just use our donate button on the website to donate using your credit/debit card, and indicate how you want your donation to be used.