St. Philip

Our busiest health center has 8 staff, including a clinical officer and a lab technician. Right now we are stretched to the limit, with up to 2000 patients a month seen during the 2015 malaria epidemic. We currently operate out of a tiny building, but hope to move into a mini-hospital soon. 

St. Luke

On the main road from Kampala to Gulu, St. Luke is well placed to serve the quickly growing community around it. We've just moved into a purpose built health center right next to the local church, and we hope to use this as a springboard to provide even higher quality healthcare.


Oberabic is deep in the village, and serves one of the most deprived areas of Northern Uganda. Patients often come to the health center when they are already very sick. Our dedicated staff live onsite with no running water or local market for food. The lamogi tribe in the area is famous for eating bats, and our staff have to deal with bat infestations in their rooms! We appreciate the ongoing support of Nechelles and Overseas Foundation (NOCF)

St. Peter

St. Peters is situated in a remote, rural area over 90 minutes drive from Gulu town. We have a great team ethic, with loyal patients who know they will be loved and cared for. The high quality laboratory at St. Peter’s is well known in the area, and patients walk long distances to test for diseases like HIV and brucellosis . We’re currently renting a building, and are looking to build a purpose built health center soon.

Good Shepherd

Our hard working nursing assistants Grace and Filda have worked at Good Shepherd for the last 5 years. Good Shepherd is locally sustainable, providing crucial treatments at minimal cost. We hope to add a qualified nurse to the team to improve the quality of healthcare we can provide.